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7 Steps to Raising Your Vibration #3 Get Your Butt to Bed

Most Adults don’t have anyone holding them accountable for getting enough sleep. Maybe we should ask Alexa to set a timer at 10pm to announce,”Get your butt to bed!”
Getting to bed at a decent hour can be difficult for some people. Having a night time ritual of winding down can help get you on the right path to a good nights sleep. Having a ritual of powering down at night is helpful, you want to limit the amount of electronics in your room as you sleep. Getting things like a clock without a light, or black out curtains can make your room darker, giving you a better atmosphere to sleep in. Many people use social media before going to bed. As a substitute to social media, a healthy alternative would be getting into comfortable clothes, making a cup of tea and winding down with a paper book. This will relax you and put your brain in the mood for sleeping. When is the last time you invested in quality sheets? Treat your self to Egyptian cotton sheets (800 tread count or more) to improve your sleeping conditions and make you feel like your sleeping in a 5 star hotel. The ideal sleeping temperature for your room should be cooler than the rest of your house or around 67 degrees Fahrenheit. On a side note in Feng shui your bedroom represents love and relationships, so accent colors of pinks and reds along with pairs or things like candles, pillows or paintings will amplify the energy in your love life and relationships. It’s also helpful to declutter your room. You don’t have to go on vacation to get a good nights rest, treat your own home as a retreat.