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7 Steps to Raising Your Vibration #7 Refine Your Tribe

You are a product of your environment. Be sure to surround yourself with like minded uplifting people. Relationships are like 2 way streets. The energy flow should be going in both directions. Think about someone you know that when you spend time with them your cheeks hurt from laughing or if your having a bad day… who is the first person you call? We have all different levels of relationships in our lives, from those we spend our most intimate moments in life to those casual friendships we encounter just for a few moments every once in a while. I tend to surround myself with ambitious go getters that are always in motion.  People that love life and don’t waste time with drama. It’s ok to refine your tribe every so often. Don’t be afraid to let go of relationships that no longer serve your highest good. There are new people that you haven’t even met yet or even born yet for that matter that will forever have the most beautiful impact on your life. Be open to new people entering your life and being part of your amazing journey. Enjoy the change in the seasons with your friends. Some will be like a leaf blowing in the wind while others might linger a little longer. Just remember to have an open heart and open ears. Without a doubt we all realize this very important statement- what you put out there has a ripple effect and will eventually come back your way.