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First of all if you are the gift giver you can put your hands away. We’ve all been in a position where we wanted to help our significant other with their aches and pains trying to massage their tired feet or aching back . We have a good intention for the first few minutes but we tire easily because we end up using poor body mechanics. Leave it to the professionals-with their experience and massage tools they can easily do an hour or 90 minute session effortlessly. And sometimes it’s just hard to relax in your own home with the dog barking, the phone ringing, the kids yelling and the TV blaring. Sometimes it’s just nice to get away and have your own private space where you can forget about everything for an hour. One of the first things people notice when they walk in my treatment room is the smell of essential oil’s-usually a bright note like citrus with eucalyptus lingering in the air. You can hear the gentle sounds of ocean waves and chimes in the background with some acoustic guitar music serenading you and and inviting you to your tranquil space. The orange glow from the Himalayan salt lamps create an inviting atmosphere along with the white selenite logs illuminated in the fireplace shimmering along side the large strategically placed amethyst rocks. Dream catchers adorned with colorful feathers are hanging brilliantly from the ceiling. The heated table and the warm Himalayan salt stones are awaiting your tired muscles.
I think we all can agree we all have enough stuff and when we receive a gift – we are almost relieved to receive an “experience” rather than another item that takes up space in our house.
Massage helps bring your body back to par and in the process your body releases those feel good hormones like serotonin dopamine and oxytocin. Massage is a thoughtful gift but, let’s not forget about other bodywork like reflexology and Reiki. Those modalities can create just as much as a positive impact on your body if not more. But don’t wait for someone special to buy you a gift certificate- Go ahead and treat yourself to your next session and show some self-love.